Looking Chicago up & down

After seven days of the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh I was pretty exhausted but I had one more full day in Chicago so I once again went into the city to explore. Having ticked “The Bean” off my list it was the day of the buildings.

Those of you who know me or have followed me will know that I love to go to the top of things be it a tree, mountain or skyscraper. Therefore going to the Skydeck on the 103rd of the Willis Tower wasn’t even a question.

At 1,353 feet up the views were not disappointing…

And the main attraction is The Ledge. They are a series of 4 glass boxes that extend 4.3 feet out from the side of the building allowing people a unique view straight down onto the city below. No more pressing your noses against the glass to look down. It was actually amazing how many people hesitated and were genuinely scared to step out onto the glass. Would you hesitate?

Back to ground level and the famous L train or loop, the elevated train track that does a circle around the city centre which you have probably seen before in movies and TV series and a very clever solution to traffic congestion although the pillars it stands on create a bit of confusion themselves to visitors in rental cars.

While below there is a subway too.

Chicago is also on the edge of Lake Michigan and so no visit would be complete without a walk along the waterfront. You also get a great view of the skyline from here.

My time in Chicago was short and I couldn’t do everything but I guess you have to leave some things for next time.

Next up, photos from New York …


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About Rory Alexander

Ever growing blogger that spent 2 years in living in China, then 6 weeks backpacking around New Zealand and is now back home in South Africa for the foreseeable future.

8 responses to “Looking Chicago up & down”

  1. thirdeyemom says :

    Awesome pics! I LOVE Chicago and was lucky to live there from age 22-28 where I got married and then left for Minneapolis. I miss it terribly. Such a vibrant, young, fun city. But for having a family, living in Minneapolis is much better! Thanks for sharing the great photos!!!! They are awesome!

  2. Olli Laasanen says :

    Very, very nice blog from a inspiring city, Rory! You made me to create a blog from the same spot:http://wp.me/p1jVlh-Hb. Thanks!

  3. sliceofshanghai says :

    I used to live in Chicago for 15 years before we moved to Shanghai two years
    ago. Seeing your writing and the pictures make me homesick.
    Great post! And wonderful after-China adventures!

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