Welcome to Brooklyn, NY

I was lucky enough to stay with a family friend in New York who has an apartment in Brooklyn which gave me a chance to see another side of New York and not just the skyscrapers on Manhattan. It also meant that walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the things on my list of things to do in New York, was now as simple as walking to the end of the road, along the river for a few blocks and onto the bridge.

At the end of the road, along the water is the newly constructed Brooklyn Bridge park with lawns and play areas for kids as well as uninterrupted views across to East River to downtown Manhattan. Here is a panorama of that view with some dramatic low cloud hanging just above the skyscrapers.

From there it was a short walk onto the pedestrian path of the Brooklyn Bridge. It isn’t very far to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge but it took me close on an hour because I was so excited about all the photo opportunities and took over 100 photos. Luckily for you I have chosen just six to share with you.






I loved walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and would recommend it as a must for anyone who visits New York. My one regret is not walking back across at night but something to do next time. Just across the bridge you get a great view of the Manhattan Municipal Building with a glittering gold statue on top that stood out against the blue sky.


Once across the bridge I collected my New York Pass from the South Street Seaport (more about the pass in another post) and then made my way up to Wall Street where I spent the rest of the morning getting a few shots I wanted and experimenting with some street photography of the crowds.



The skies had darkened and it started to rain so I caught the subway uptown to take in some of the museums…


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3 responses to “Welcome to Brooklyn, NY”

  1. Elle Hubbard says :

    Thank you for those really good photos. You have captured some really evocative angles which make the bridge very enticing, I think it will have to go on my list now too!

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