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From Central Park to Grand Central Station

Three days down and three to go, I still had a few things to tick off my New York Bucket List. I had been lucky with the weather and it was another clear day so I headed off to Central Park first thing and joined a queue to rent a bike. It  was a bit of a wait but eventually I was issued with a bike, declining the optional helmet and rode off on the pavement towards Central Park. It wasn’t long before an irate New Yorker, walking her dog, told me that I wasn’t allowed to ride on the pavement, something that certainly isn’t frowned upon in China. Anyway, it was just one block to the entrance and then I joined the flow of other cyclists moving around the park.

I say flow, because you are only allowed to ride in one continue reading + 9 photos


Oshkosh 2012 Highlights – Air Adventure Tours

Here is a montage of visuals from the EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2012 and the South African camp which was run by Neil Bowden of Air Adventure Tours. This is an absolute must for anyone interested in aviation and the SA camp is the place to be as you will see in the video. The camp is really well organised with your tents already set up before you arrive, breakfast and dinner provided at the camp for a nominal fee as well as live entertainment. So if you have ever thought about going, give Neil at Air Adventure Tours a call and book your spot for next year. You won’t regret it!

When one bridge isn’t enough

Having walked across the Brooklyn Bridge a few days earlier I thought why not walk across the Manhattan Bridge as well. It was not that far away from the Brooklyn Bridge, only a couple of blocks, and it was another sunny morning as you can see.
Looking at Manhattan beyond the Brooklyn Bridge

All along the Manhattan bridge pedestrian level there is fencing that makes it difficult continue reading + 7 more photos