When one bridge isn’t enough

Having walked across the Brooklyn Bridge a few days earlier I thought why not walk across the Manhattan Bridge as well. It was not that far away from the Brooklyn Bridge, only a couple of blocks, and it was another sunny morning as you can see.
Looking at Manhattan beyond the Brooklyn Bridge

All along the Manhattan bridge pedestrian level there is fencing that makes it difficult to take photos of the view, especially if you have a DSLR with a big lens attached.

Clearly fellow photographers had encountered the same frustration and after trying several times to get a decent shot through the fence I found a hole, about half way across the bridge, big enough to fit my whole camera through and was able to get this shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge takes you directly into Chinatown which I was anxious to see having spent two years living and working in China. Weirdly I didn’t take any photos and I don’t really know why so you’ll just have to take my word for it, that is just how similar it was to China. About the only difference between the shops, signs and restaurants of Chinatown, NY and China was that the signs had English on them as well. It resemblance was uncanny.

From there I made my way to Battery Park where I caught a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. First stop was Lady Liberty and so had a chance to get more photos and some close up ones from the base of the statue although it is still closed for renovations and so I couldn’t go up it.

Next stop was Ellis Island where listening to the free audio guide about how the immigrants all disembarked and gathered in this hall while they waited to be processed I couldn’t help but empathise with how scary and overwhelming it must have been for them remembering back to my arrival in China where I didn’t know anyone or even speak the language.

After my rather scathing pinion of art museums I am happy to report that the New York Natural History Museum was incredible and well worth a visit. Perhaps the most memorable exhibit for me, as well as the biggest, was this life-size model of a Blue Whale suspended from the ceiling in the marine section.

On a roll with the museums and with a Chinese theme to the day I ended off with a visit to the Discovery Times Square building where there was a Terracotta Warriors exhibit. It’s ironic that I spent two years in China and only got to see these a year later on another continent. The exhibit was really well presented and I can highly recommend it.

Just around the corner was Times Square which at 6:00pm on a Friday night was very busy and crowded with tourists snapping pictures, people rushing to various theatre shows and rush hour traffic.


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  1. libradigitalimages says :

    All great photos!! Especially like the Times Square shot.

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