From Central Park to Grand Central Station

Three days down and three to go, I still had a few things to tick off my New York Bucket List. I had been lucky with the weather and it was another clear day so I headed off to Central Park first thing and joined a queue to rent a bike. It  was a bit of a wait but eventually I was issued with a bike, declining the optional helmet and rode off on the pavement towards Central Park. It wasn’t long before an irate New Yorker, walking her dog, told me that I wasn’t allowed to ride on the pavement, something that certainly isn’t frowned upon in China. Anyway, it was just one block to the entrance and then I joined the flow of other cyclists moving around the park.

I say flow, because you are only allowed to ride in one direction around Central Park and if you leave the main ring road then you have to walk with your bike. I found this a little frustrating but perhaps it’s the only way as the park was fairly crowded with a running race on that morning and several softball games in the North Meadow which I stopped to check out.

Northfields, Central Park

North Meadow, Central Park

Swing n' a miss

Swing n’ a miss

Swing n' a hit

Swing n’ a hit

While on the Upper West Side I stopped by the Lincoln Centre and the famous fountain.

Lincoln Center

I didn’t have time to stop and stare as I was catching a train out in to the country for the night and I wanted to spend some time photographing Grand Central Station, where I would be leaving from, and one of my most anticipated attractions in New York which didn’t disappoint.

The clock in Grand Central Station

I like colour and so don’t often use black and white in photos but I had seen some other b&w photos of Grand Central Station so I thought I’d give it a go – What do you think?

Grand Central Station is huge and it’s hard to portray the scale of it in a single photo so I tried to take a panorama on three levels from floor to ceiling and left to right but with all the people moving around stitching it together was not so easy and didn’t work in parts. However it came out quite well in the end and is more representative of  what I saw standing at one end of this iconic station.

Grand Central Station, New York

Have you ever been to Grand Central Station or is it still on your bucket list?


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