What are museums good for?

I’ll admit I’m not wild about museums. As far as I’m concerned your time is much better spent exploring the world outside, particularly in a foreign city, than cooped up inside a building. However, on rainy days, they do serve a purpose  on a rainy day. New York has a multitude of museums you can visit but I had been told of several by friends and family that I had to go to so I did. First up was the Metropolitan Museum which is huge.

History was never my favourite subject and while I’m sure ceramic and bronze sculptures fascinate others they don’t do it for me. Another form of art that I don’t get is modern art, some of the pieces in the exhibition left me baffled like the solid colour, navy blue canvas in the shape of a rhombus. Where is the skill in that? There was one piece that did catch my attention and had me entranced. When you see the photo below I’m sure you’ll be similarly intrigued. continue reading and 4 more photos


Welcome to Brooklyn, NY

I was lucky enough to stay with a family friend in New York who has an apartment in Brooklyn which gave me a chance to see another side of New York and not just the skyscrapers on Manhattan. It also meant that walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the things on my list of things to do in New York, was now as simple as walking to the end of the road, along the river for a few blocks and onto the bridge.

At the end of the road, along the water is the newly constructed Brooklyn Bridge park with lawns and play areas for kids as well as uninterrupted views across to East River to downtown Manhattan. Here is a panorama of that view with some dramatic low cloud hanging just above the skyscrapers.

From there it was a short walk onto the pedestrian path of the Brooklyn Bridge. It isn’t very far to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge but it took me continue reading and 10 more photos

Looking Chicago up & down

After seven days of the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh I was pretty exhausted but I had one more full day in Chicago so I once again went into the city to explore. Having ticked “The Bean” off my list it was the day of the buildings.

Those of you who know me or have followed me will know that I love to go to the top of things be it a tree, mountain or skyscraper. Therefore going to the Skydeck on the 103rd of the continue reading and 7 more photos

Cloud Gate aka The Bean

So I was passing through Chicago on my way to Oshkosh and figured why not spend a few days in the city that I’ve heard of, read about and seen on TV. If you google Chicago images your screen is likely to be filled with images of a large silver sculpture called Cloud Gate that has been nicknamed “The Bean” because of it’s bean-like shape. This structure was so intriguing it was immediately moved to the top of my list of must see sights in Chicago.

Having caught a train into town, and without a map or much of an idea where anything was, I emerged from Union Station and walked towards the water, Lake Michigan. That’s when I came across continue reading and 6 more photos

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012 Timelapse

You’ve seen my pictures but Hilton Mundy and I were primarily at Oshkosh filming for ShotFinalTV. We are both busy making our way back to South Africa but here is a quick timelapse Hilton edited to give you an idea of EAA Airventure 2012. An amazing week-long celebration of aviation, condensed into a minute and fifteen seconds for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Day 6 – Night airshow

On the last day of the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh we were all looking forward to the night airshow. I had footage of one on TV before but never in real life. They attach fireworks to the wings of the aircraft and they fly their usual aerobatics display with what looks like a trail of stars behind them, it was definitely a first for me and amazing to watch.

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Day 5 – F-18 Super Hornet

On Friday I signed up to go into the ‘pit’ which was across the crowd line and close to the runway reserved for a select few photographers each day. I was filming most of the afternoon but did manage to get a few snaps of the showcase display by this F-18 Super Hornet fighter jet.

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